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A link to my blog!

I was just clicking through links on the Winterthur site, as I often do, and found a link to my blog in the outreach section! I guess this is good news since the point of the blog IS to reach out to people interested in conservation.

This is also a great segue into mentioning the Emerging Conservation Professional Network (ECPN) blog, to which there is also a link from the Winterthur site. I’ve just starting becoming more involved with ECPN and am realizing what amazing potential the network has for pre-program conservators, current conservation students, and even those who have already begun a career in conservation. The first ECPN committee really put a lot of work into establishing the group, so now it’s our turn (yes, you too) to contribute to the cause. If you’re interested in writing a blog post or want to get involved in some other way, any level of professional background is invited and all of us ECPNers would really appreciate it. Just send me a message or write something on the facebook page.

Thank you in advance!

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