Springtime Anxiety

Journalist Erickson Blakney interviews Christina Cole about her research into Native American quillwork. http://www.udel.edu/udaily/2009/jun/institute061209.html

Whew, Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow–6 more weeks until spring! Don’t get me wrong, as a native Californian, I love the warmer weather and blossoming of the flowers, but springtime also seems to bring a lot of anxiety in the conservation world: final exams, applications, interviews, conference talks, etc., and no matter what stage you’re at in your conservation journey, you’re probably affected!

Personally, I’m between the application and interview stage for my summer internship, and finishing up an application to the Delaware Public Engagement Institute (DELPHI; formerly PEMCI). Fortunately my comprehensive exams don’t happen until May, but I feel a little nervous for that already.

As a first year student at Winterthur, I’m also responsible for helping to organize admissions interviews in March, and that takes me back to my exciting experiences both last year and the year before. This year’s applicants should be hearing back about their interview dates in the coming weeks, so good luck! In the meantime, this post by Genevieve Bieniosek on “Interviewing for Graduate Programs” may be helpful.

I’ve found that anxiety can be worse than stress, because even more than the pressure, it’s the uncertainty of a situation that makes it difficult. Hopefully these links will be useful in guiding you through the annual season of apprehension. And, just remember, on the other side of the hill is summer!

  • Internship application advice from Nancie Ravenel, Objects Conservator at the Shelburne Museum
  • An interviewing event held by the Emerging Museum Professionals
  • Online courses on abstract and proposal writing by Sarah Lowengrad
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One thought on “Springtime Anxiety

  1. Jess

    Fingers crossed you’ll be in NY!

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